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Name:Clint Barton || Hawkeye
Hawkeye is a world-class archer and marksman. His above average reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him the most proficient archer ever known. He is also trained to throw knifes, darts, balls, bolas and boomerangs. He is natural athlete. He is also formidable unarmed combatant, thanks largely for longtime combat training with Captain America. He also has extensive training as an acrobat and aerialist.

He is highly capable and charismatic team leader and a shrewd combat strategist, albeit sometimes reckless. Barton is also talented weapon designer, particularly well-versed in variations on basic traditional weaponry such as arrows, blades and hand-thrown projectiles. He has designed and crafted crescent darts, boomerangs, throwing irons, bolas, axes, custom arrows and bows. he is experienced motorcycle ride.

The man is also part of the Avengers. He just tends to be a loner sometimes. It depends on the situation at hand.


[Hawkeye || Clint Barton is NOT mine. He belongs to Stan Lee. This journal is for play only. No profit is being made. This Clint will be more movie-verse than comic verse though the mun is starting to read the Hawkeye comics. More about Clint can be found here Muse and mun 18+]
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